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 Humboldt County is home to many musicians and artists, we have an abundance of quality musical events throughout the year. This site is dedicated to spreading the word about the many classical music events on the North Coast. Whether you are looking for an inspiring evening of music or more information about a concert series, this is a simple and quick place to learn more.

NOTE: Please check with venues before buying tickets or attending—there are a lot of cancellations and postponed concerts due to COVID-19.
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*Note: Always call to confirm all concert dates, times, and prices. While we strive to have accurate and up to date information on this site, it's always a good idea to double check with the venue as well. 

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Piano at ACV

Enjoy your wait before your flight. 

The Eureka Symphony invites you to take a moment and play on the baby grand piano, located in the Arcata airport.


With new daily flights to and from LAX and Denver, we encourage you to let your friends know they can fly direct from LA to any of these concerts!

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Do you know of a classical music event that is not currently on our calendar? Let us know the details and we will help spread the word. 

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Discover Concert Series

There is an array of chambers, orchestras, and concert series hosted by organizations throughout the county. Links to their websites are here.